Rj 45

A type of connector or cable typically used for Ethernet networking, RJ45 is a staple in corporate environments where there is a considerable strain on the internet. Used to connect multiple computers to the internet and each other, RJ45 cables are one of the most popular choices for networking speeds. Stuck with wireless connections, our clients lose out on a fast, secure and scalable internet connection. Providing unparalleled data transfer speed, RJ45 connectors are easy to remove and plug in. Considered optimal for structured data cabling environments and patch bays, RJ 45 offers a significant amount of functionality.
Firmly focused on helping our client’s business grow, we cater to both small and large corporate set-ups. With decades of experience guiding our practices, Colorado Telephone is well-versed with pursuing consistency and quality in our service value. Consistently managing our communication with our clientele, we ensure each and every client feels satisfied. Using a low voltage and current rate, RJ45 offers our clients superior network performance with cost-efficiency. Designed with extra protection, RJ 45 cables are ideal for locations in harsh environments. Being one of the leading data solution services, we give our clients access to a wide variety of installation and repair services to serve their network needs best.