Patch Panel

A piece of hardware, a patch panel entails multiple ports for organizing a variety of cables. Making wiring neatly stacked and easy-to-manage, a patch panel is a necessary solution. No matter how big or small our client’s infrastructure is, a patch panel is used for connecting and managing all incoming and outgoing lines for communication and network systems. Suitable for connecting multiple devices, a patch panel enhances our client’s management of their wired network. Whether our client uses them for CAT 5, RJ45, or fiber optic cables, a patch panel is a cost-effective solution for facilitating technological scalability.
Used primarily for enabling the process of passing on data, patch panels allow our clients to lower their cable cost and simplify the troubleshooting process. Easier to maintain, patch panel are designed and function in a simple way. Equipped with the option to label cables, use patch cable organizers, use color-coded cables and zip ties, our clients can streamline their patch cable management. Being highly-experienced and having a comprehensive idea of the technology industry, Colorado Telephone can install and repair patch panels in an efficient manner. Focused on helping our client’s business grow, we help save our clients from any inconveniences.
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