Cat 6

We specialize in providing cutting-edge infrastructure cabling solutions. No matter how small or big our client is, Colorado Telephone ensures each client benefits from our experience. If what our clients need is a fast, stable and secure network, cat 6 cabling is the solution. Offering backward compatibility and improvement to system noise and crosstalk, we are well-versed with installing cat 6 cables for our corporate clients. A required standard for new cabling installations, cat 6 allows for higher data transfer rates and greater bandwidth. Entailing years of experience and training, our technicians are well-aware of installing cables in an orderly manner. With our clients seeking increased signal stability, protection from threats and scalability, cat 6 ensures each of our client’s evolving needs are met.
An Ethernet cable gives our clients a consistently solid connection. Being energy-efficient and free of latency, cat 6 cabling provides performance of maximum 250MHz and is as long as 100 meters. Allowing greater mobility than shorter cables, cat 6 cables give our clients the ultimate advantage. Used on Gigabit Ethernet networks, cat 6 is the perfect addition for an organization’s growing technological needs. Committed to providing an exceptional service quality, each of our technicians ensures we install or repair your cabling solutions professionally.