Cat 5

We believe in maximizing our client’s organization efficiency. Equipped with extensive experience in handling structured cabling for VOIP communication needs, we install CAT 5 cables in an orderly manner. Harnessing the foremost products and installation practices, we ensure our clients stay aligned with the evolving demands of the technology landscape. Familiar with how poor cabling leads to increased downtime, we provide data cabling solutions that meet our client’s network requirements. With decades of experience, we install CAT 5 cables that offer our clients’ high-transfer speeds, versatility, and flexibility.
Whether our client is looking to install a CAT 5 for their office or home network needs, Colorado Telephone has the expertise to do it all. Allowing data to be transmitted over considerable lengths, CAT 5 was considered an industry standard for Ethernet cabling. Commonly used for 100Base-T and 1000Base-T networks, CAT 5 cabling is optimal for Gigabit Ethernet and High-speed Ethernet. Being one of the cheapest options for network cabling, CAT 5 is perfect for computer network and telephone wiring. Experts of low voltage wiring installation and repair, we’re well-versed with network infrastructure. Opening endless possibilities for our client, CAT 5 cabling enables them to enhance their IT infrastructure by leaps and bounds and gain a competitive advantage.